#throwback #10weeks
rindu budak ni 😿
credit to @myfaith07
#notetomyself #reminder
your choice ..
me with the husband @afis_izad #myotherhalf #afissyaf #syafis
since we met from university days, we love, we got engaged and then we got married until to this day my love to you never fades Love. Happy anniversary Love thank to Allah SWT for the fate arranged for us both and May Allah protect our relationship and may our marriage last forever ..thanks for being a wonderful husband love thanks for the wonderful journey that we been through together ..love you till the end @afis_izad you always be my sunshine #myotherhalf #afissyaf #4thanniversarry #syafis #010114
Totally agree with you @mizznina1780 ❤️ you
his drive our old car finally harharhar @afis_izad
I miss my two alligator